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Behind These Eyes...

I am man.
I work and live for me, my personal freedom.
I live for love and love requited.
I live in my perception of reason.
I live through my eyes only.
I believe.. and I believe that I am right.
I am the thinker.
I am also the doer.
I am aware.
The things that I am surrounded by define me as I so dictate.
I can live and adjust, as well.
I am influenced just as I am influential.
I can act for or against any cause.
I can isolate or amalgamate.
I have will, judgement, intention, ideals.
I can accept, deny or question.
I have been granted the ability to access past resource to continue, know, gain and ultimately evolve.
I can dictate my faith, despite the abundance of unforseen events that occur around me, as there is many a path.
Be it for acceptance, need, hope, peace, harmony, excitement, knowledge, power, fame or corruption.
I can choose to live for the system to which I have been ingrained, have that system work for me or even create something my very own.
I can nurture or I can abuse.
I can live for the moment or set the boundaries to stay within.
Let live or kill.
Share or retain.
Grow or stunt.
I AM the reasonable man.
I AM the powerful man.
I AM the overwhelming majority... and when I am awake... I create consequence...
Am I this free?
I am.
Because I am never alone.
Collude and survive.

David Cottrell 2003