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Behind These Eyes...
The D'el Huh! Circle
Futile Music Divison
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Behind These Eyes...

Personal expression happens on many levels. Most of mine are lying in dank areas unexplored and usually never brought to fruition. Often I rue missing a passing and fledgling thought. Here, I will feel free to capture my surrealistic pieces or short stories or stunted ideas. And post them. Feel absolutely free to have a laugh in my direction.


Poor Alfred

Has anyone seen my sanity?

Functioning Perspective...

The scathing comments rise up like bile and the mould that forms in sinks and on taps to your left. On the right, if you look carefully you will see young hatred spawn out of an innocent and fertile cacti, spilling out across society and presenting itself in many detestable forms. And if you look up ahead you maybe able to see the seven heads of Hades representing various aspects of modern life. Next stop, purity...